I am a clinical social worker (LCS #24023). I have been working with survivors of trauma, abuse, and extreme experiences since 1998.  I ground my understanding of how people work – and how they heal – more in human physiology & Buddhist practices than in traditional psychology.      Trauma affects people physically and emotionally, often beneath languageā€™s ability to express.   Buddhism studies the mind on a practical, personal level.

In my experience, there is cause and effect.  Things happen – things outside of our control – and we are affected by these things, whether or not we want to be.   Conversely, we make choices, and are affected in turn by those as well.  Trauma therapy is not about re-hashing old things.  Trauma therapy is about having new experiences (even of an old thing) and greater choices, and then the ability to take in those new experiences, and exercise those new choices.