ABOUT William Randle LCSW: I offer relief from the effects of physical abuse, sexual abuse, and traumatic experience. In addition to abuse and assault, traumatic experience may include:

  • Car accidents
  • Birth trauma
  • Combat and exposure to extreme environments
  • Neglect and abandonment
  • Death and bereavement
  • Witnessing a traumatic event
  • Growing up in a chaotic or stressful family

In addition to trauma, I also specialize in offering relief from eating disorders, self-harm, anxiety, and depression.


Areas of Expertise

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New Office:  I have moved my east side office to Burbank, where I share a space with several excellent practitioners.  Shari Brickin, MFT, a therapist who also specializes in trauma and somatic;  Thomasine Shepard, MFT, who does good work with children, families, & couples; and Penny Harris, L.Ac., a skilled acupuncturist.  Our address is 500 E Olive Ave, Suite 240, Burbank, CA, 91501.  Street parking is plentiful, and a cash pay lot is also on the premise.  You will need either a $5, three $1′s, or lots of quarters.



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